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Diesel Power Generator Installation Work in Negros

To solve the power shortage problem in the Philippines, we will, with the help of a local private electric distribution company in Visayas region, transport the power generator (a diesel engine with the weight of approximately 80 tons) from Cadiz Port to Cadiz, a city located 60km northeast of Bacolod City in Negros. After arrived in Cadiz, we will then install the generator to the foundation inside the pit. These transportation and installation works shall take place at the end of May.
Aside from an option of installing three more engines of the same type in the region, we are also going to support the construction of a large-scale 50MW photovoltaic (PV) power plant for its transportation needs.
Solar panels and other necessary materials will be imported from abroad using four hundred 40-feet cargo containers.

With this project, we are quite sure that we will become the second largest power industry-supporting cargo transporters this year in terms of the volume of cargo handled.
Many of heavy equipments and installing equipments that will be used for this project are owned by us. Maezono, our representative, is actively working on the project while trying to grab another business opportunity--leasing of our heavy equipments and tools in the project.


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